Safety interest: to ensure the performance of the dealer under this agreement, including, but not limited to the distributor`s obligations arising from return charges or returns, The following is merchant Payswiff` security interest in all coupons, credit projects and deposit and reserve accounts, regardless of the source wherever they are found, on behalf of the merchant, including all of the merchant`s associated businesses, whether constituted or designated and maintained in accordance with this ACCORD, as well as the proceeds of these deposits. In the event of the merchant`s default on the payment of the return refund, the (i) trader (i) requires that all personal bank accounts that are in the name are submitted to this ACCORD and (ii) the merchant irrevocably consents to Payswiff to use all available funds to find such deposit accounts until all amounts due have been paid to Payswiff. Payswiff Solutions Private Limited is responsible for providing (a) digital payment solutions and services; and (b) payment processing platform, which are provided via the web application, mobile application, card reader/device/MPOS/POS terminal, online payment gateway and/or any other Payswiff technology infrastructure, allowing individuals and businesses of all sizes to pay their customers and cash withdrawal requests via various payment options, as mentioned in Schedule I (Services). 9. Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) and Aadhar Pay, where the customer (a) can make payments for goods purchased/used; and/or (b) transfer money from his bank account to a person at Merchant; and/or (c) withdraw money from his bank account at the Merchant branch, all using Aadhar data to authenticate the transaction. 4.8.3 Distributor compensates Payswiff and/or facilities related to Payswiff for any damage: The costs, legal fees, fees and expenses, as well as losses that Payswiff and/or companies related to Payswiff may result as a result of a failure of the assistance services (in the change change from time to time) provided by Payswiff Nodal Banks and any other entity related to Payswiff, to the extent that such a failure results in an illegal or erroneous payment to the merchant.