Legal separation can be a step between marriage and divorce if one or both parties are not emotionally willing to pursue the divorce. If this is your situation, a separation from marriage separation offers you the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial agreements in mediation, while taking the time necessary to prepare emotionally for divorce. The separation process can easily go into divorce or, if you reconcile, return to your former marital status. Separation agreements are good tools for resolving potential problems that may arise in anticipation of a divorce or the agreement of the parties to live separately for a period of time. But the result of this case and of the A.R.S. 25-317 means that there must be full disclosure (a complete knowledge of the property in question) and a clear identification of the community and the distinct assets and debts that existed at the time. In addition, there must be clear and concise conditions of the agreement that reflect a „meeting of minds“ with respect to the terms of the separation agreement. Full disclosure of all assets and debts, both in common and in separation, and with a clear agreement on how all real estate will be treated and distributed, should maintain a separation agreement with the courts as long as it is not unfair. Divorce from a federal marriage also requires a charge of fault, but spouses can accept divorce without having to live separated for two years or more. This is an important difference between sanitizing separation and marriage. one.

In order to facilitate the amicable settlement of disputes between the parties of a marriage companion upon their separation or dissolution, the parties may enter into a written separation agreement with provisions relating to the disposition of any property belonging to one of the two, the maintenance of one of the two persons, and the assistance, custody and period of education of their children. A separation agreement may provide that their maintenance conditions are not changed. At the end of separation and divorce, the common ownership relationship during the marriage (which stipulates that all assets, liabilities and acquired income are divided equally) is terminated by court order. In other words, both procedures include the property department to include financial separation and physical separation. In almost every sense of the word, the separation of the law resembles a divorce. However, at the end of the separation process, the spouses are still legally married. Separation agreements must allow disputes between the married parties to be resolved by mutual agreement, either in anticipation of the separation without breakdown of the marriage or at the dissolution of their marriage. They give couples the opportunity to resolve potential areas of disagreement fairly and informally, such as support, wealth distribution or debt. Thus, a couple can negotiate its own terms of separation.