Between last season and this season, service providers lost more than a quarter of their annual salary. Under the agreement, they will also not be reimbursed for the final 12 weeks of the 2018-19 season, which were excluded from Meyerhoff Symphony Hall from June 17 to September 8. The new agreement also provides for the creation of a BSO Resident Fellowship Program, a one- to two-year program to help orchestral musicians from historically under-represented communities. Fellows will study with BSO musicians and perform with the orchestra and Boston Pops in their symphonic seasons in Boston and participate as a fellow at the BSO Summer Music Academy, the Tanglewood Music Center. „The Boston Symphony Orchestra`s new employment contract reflects our collective understanding of the major challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating financial losses caused by the cancellation of the OSB performance plan and events from March to November. By addressing these compensation challenges and in many other areas, the BSO`s new employment contract recognizes the role musicians play in all cost-saving measures to make the Boston Symphony Orchestra a vibrant and essential institution for its loyal music community,“ said Mark Volpe, President and CEO of the OSO; President of the BSO Players Committee James Markey; And president of the Boston Musicians Association Patrick Hollenbeck, in a joint statement. The musicians of the Boston Symphony Orchestra have ratified a new employment contract effective August 2023. The orchestra`s musicians agreed to significantly reduce their salaries due to financial deficits caused by the cancellations of concerts due to COVID-19. By reducing wages over three years, the employment contract reflects the long-term nature of the financial burden of the pandemic. In April, BSO`s unionized players agreed to initial salary reductions (25 percent on average per player) until August 31. The new contract also expands the definition of official OOS-related work services with new virtual offerings from the orchestra and other community engagement activities and adds a handful of Sunday afternoon concerts to the upcoming seasons.