.3.5 The field of activity and, if applicable, at regular intervals during the year for which a significant swell value (hs) has been established, are indicated in the certificates; Articles 1 and 2 Ratification, acceptance, approval or accession is done by filing the relevant act with the Secretary-General. With respect to the stability requirements set out in Part 1.4 of the agreement, the vessel must demonstrate its ability to withstand the marine waves defined in Section 3| of the most pessimistic scenario. (b) a passenger ro-ro vessel, a passenger vessel with Ro-Ro points or special category seats, in accordance with Regulation II-2/3 of the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea, amended in 1974; (c) specific stability requirements are the specific stability requirements defined in Appendix 2; .3.4 The administration is satisfied that there is a significant swell height (hs) in a given area, with the probability that it will not exceed 10%; Contracting governments agree to apply specific stability requirements to flagged passenger vessels and to international passenger transport services: 4.2. Swinging at an angle greater than 30 degrees from the vertical axis, greater than 20% during a swing cycle or a continuous heel of more than 20 degrees is considered a reverse event, even if a constant position is reached. 1. Contracting governments agree that specific stability requirements should apply to all passenger Ro-Ro vessels which, regardless of their flag, must be assigned to international traffic between or to certain ports, and recognize that the most favourable status should no longer be applied to States that are not parties to this agreement. averages must be determined by linear interpolation when the rest is 0.3 m or more, but less than 2.0 m, in free blood; 2. When a high-efficiency drainage system is installed, the administration may authorize a reduction in the water surface in accordance with the organization`s recommendations2; 1. This agreement can be signed at the organisation`s headquarters from 1 July to 30 September 1996 and remains open to the accession procedure. States can become members of this agreement as follows: .4 special structures, such as. B full-width and wide-board suspension bridges, can accept other division heights on the basis of detailed model tests; Application of the agreement to passenger Ro-Ro vessels whose flag is not a party to this agreement 4.1. A vessel is considered successful if a constant position is reached during the subsequent test in accordance with paragraph 3.3, but in light of paragraph 4.2.

. 1 The provisions of Regulation .8, Part 2.3, are respected if the hypothetical amount of seawater that may have accumulated on the first deck above the ro-ro hold, identified as a waterline or a special category within the meaning of Regulation II-2/3, is taken into account, provided the bridge is damaged (here is the damaged ro-bridge).